Dwarf Field Tomato -Granit


Dwarf field tomato ‘Granit’, a medium late variety producing firm fruit, is intended for processing. This plant that takes on a bushy habit and shows extraordinary vigour, quick growth and high productivity, consists of slender stems. Its vegetation period lasts 75-80 days and its fruit ripen gradually, making a one- or two-stage harvest possible. ‘Granit’ tomatoes take on an elongated, oval shape, are large and regularly formed. They weigh 70-90 g. An exceptionally firm flesh does not break, what facilitates transportation of the berries. This variety, offered in our store, is additionally resistant to Verticillium wilt (a disease that causes plants to die). Crops it yields are perfect for preserves and processing – purees, sauces, drying and freezing in slices and cubed.

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