Dwarf Green Bean – Sprite


This variety of dwarf bean from continental Europe is easy to grow, and needs no support throughout the season, making it one of the most popular varieties of its type. The completely stringless beans which grow to around 15cm in length, are delicious and freeze particularly well.

Sow: April to June

Sowing Instructions: In the spring sow around 3-4 seeds in a 10cm pot either in a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill. Pot seedlings on when large enough to handle and harden off to get them used to cooler conditions. Plant out once the last frost has gone and allow around 15cm per plant spacing. Alternatively, you can sow directly later on, around late May/June. Start to pick when the pods are around 10cm in length and when they snap if you bend them. Pick plants regularly to keep them at their most productive. 

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