Edible Flowers Mix


The variety mix of plants with edible flowers is an easy and pleasant way to add colour and flavour to your dishes. Sweet and aromatic edible flowers become more and more popular in the kitchen. They are perfect for increasing the visual side of the plates. A salad sprinkled with colourful petals, small bouquet used for cake decoration or fried flower buds offer a charming and delicious perspective. Thanks to our selection you will be able to pick them in your own garden. Edible flowers are not only beautiful, but also add intriguing flavour. This variety mix consists of several annual and biennial plants that develop edible flowers. You will find garden pansies, cornflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds, starflowers (Borago), low growing sunflowers and chrysanthemums among them.

The selection of plants producing edible flowers available in our store is intended for both field and container cultivation. Seeds of this variety mix are sown in spring to pots or seeding trays, or directly in garden. Leave 20 cm spacings between the plants. This variety is perfectly fitted for sunny sites. The plants will grow best in fertile and moist soil. Flowers appear from early summer until autumn. They are easy in cultivation and do not require much care. They are recommended for direct, raw consumption. You will only need to harvest them, rinse with water and add to the dish. The flowers that have just opened will taste best.

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