Habanero Red Chilli – Approx 10 Seeds


This chili pepper is extremely hot, one of the hottest of the habanero varieties. The plants grow to around 1m tall and the chillis mature from green to red.

Sow: From February to April (indoors/heated propagator) or from late April to June directly outdoors

Harvest: Between August and October

Sowing Instructions:

Fill trays with compost and sow the seeds on the surface, and cover loosely (2 to 3mm)/
Keep the compost moist – don’t let the top of the compost dry out.
Cover the pot or tray with plastic film or place in a heated propagator, south-facing window, or a warm greenhouse. The ideal temperature is around 18 to 20C. Transplant outside when the last chance of frost has gone and the plants measure at least 15cm in height.

If sowing directly outside, do so when the last chance of frost has gone and allow spacing of 30cm between each plant in drills.

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