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Home Garden Series’ French marigold (Tagetes patula nana) “Bonanza Series” for indoor and balcony cultivation belongs to tender yet abundantly blooming varieties of popular and easily cultivated marigold. Distinct, double flower heads in different shades of orange, yellow and red can be admired at home or in a box mounted on a balcony railing. French marigold “Bonanza Series” stands out with its compact, clustered growth habit, 20-30 cm height and above-average persistence in blooming.

Seeds should be sown in spring to pots, bowls, boxes or hanging baskets, preferably in 25 cm spacings. Full emergence can be expected in any kind of universal flower soil. It is recommended to provide sufficient drain layer in containers. Regularly watered marigolds will start to bloom at the beginning of summer and will develop new buds until autumn as long as they are exposed to sunlight

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