Johnson Microgreens -Rocket seeds


Add a flavourful twist to your dishes with the Johnsons Microgreens Rocket. One of the best loved gourmet salad leaves, the warm mildly peppery flavour of rocket micro-leaves is the perfect accompaniment to pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches. Ready in 16-21 days. Indoor sowing: All year round, in Johnsons Microgreens Growing Trays, or in small trays of moist compost. Sow generously and spray gently with water to moisten the seeds. Place on a light airy windowsill. For continuous crops sow every 7-10 days. Keep moist, do not allow seed to dry out. Harvest all year round, when approx. 5cm high or when first true leaves appear. TIP: Sow half a tray at a time for convenient, continuous crops. Sowing to harvest times may change throughout the year as growing conditions and light levels change. NOTE: Ensure growing trays are thoroughly washed before they are re-used.

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