Lettuce-Mixed Variety-300 seeds


Lettuce a selection of varieties (Lactuca sativa) is the best choice for gardeners, who set themselves no limitations. Sowing the seeds selection of popular lettuce varieties: butterhead, iceberg and oakleaf will allow you to grow a wide range of colours and flavours. From our seeds you will harvest healthy, compact heads and large rosettes of smooth, wrinkled, corrugated, soft and tender tasting or crisp, juicy and savour, green and red leaves.

Cultivation may start in the period from March until June. Sowing under covers should take place at the earliest time (March – April). At the end of April you may also sow the mixed seeds directly to the ground. Plants grow best on permeable, humous and moderately moist soils with reaction close to neutral. This proposed selection shows a great resistance to high summer temperatures. Tasty leaves, that are ideal for salads and sandwiches, are harvested from mid-June until beginning of October.

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