Mini Garden-Hot Pepper-For Balcony


Mini Garden” series’ hot pepper is our suggestion for all lovers of unusual pot plants. Thanks to the seeds offered here you would be able to grow rich harvest of spicy peppers that would also adorn your balcony or windowsill, on your own. Hot pepper (Capsicum annuum) of this particular variety develops fruit at an early stage. This plant sports compact, bushy habit. Red, conical, 7 – 10 cm long fruit that weigh 30 – 40 g hang from its branched, erect stems. Their flesh has a savour taste, so they are a great seasoning to many dishes. You may use them dried, too.

Hot pepper thrives in containers, provided it grows in fertile and moist soil. This species loves bright and warm sites (minimal temperature at the fruit development and ripening stage is 20°C). Apart from the regular watering no other care measures are required – pepper bushes take on their attractive, compact habit on their own. They might only need some supports (poles) to lean on in case of extremely rich harvest, so they do not fall over nor break under the weight of the crops.

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