Mini Garden -Leaf Celery for Balcony And Terrace


Leaf celery of the Mini Garden series for balcony and terrace cultivation is a must in your kitchen herb garden. This sturdy plant is a very aromatic seasoning with a distinct taste that finds universal usage in European cuisine. Leaf celery (Apium graveolens) develops leaves that resemble parsley greens and consist of smooth, dentate leaf blades that sit on tender, juicy petioles. It is a low calorie vegetable that stimulates digestion and appetite thanks to the high content of essential oils. Celery leaves are a valuable source of vitamin C, B vitamins and supply us with potassium, magnesium and calcium. You may harvest them several times during a season, as they grow back quickly. Celery leaves may be dried and used as seasoning for sauces and soups, while the fresh ones are a necessary ingredient of soup greens and vegetable-fruit cocktails.

We advise to grow leaf celery in large pots on a balcony, terrace or even kitchen windowsill, provided it gets sufficient exposure to sunlight. The vegetable offered in our store likes permeable, yet water remaining soil that is rich in humus and has a neutral reaction. You may grow this celery all vegetation period long.

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