Mini Garden lettuce-Green Frizzled Variety For Balcony And Terrace


Green frizzled lettuce for cut leaves of the Mini Garden series for balcony and terrace cultivation is an extremely valuable leaf vegetable that should find a place at your home, too. Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) reigns over our tables in spring and summer. It is a healthy, crunchy base for salads and delicious enhancement of sandwiches. Frizzled, wavy, juicy-green leaves of this variety available in our store may be eaten at the initial growth stage.

Tender, cut, young, so-called ‘Baby’ leaves may be easily grown at home. You only need to sow seeds offered here onto a permeable, moist soil in a pot placed on a sunny windowsill. You will get even larger and nicely-coloured leaves from balcony and terrace cultures. Lettuce should be grown for cut leaves should be cultivated especially in early spring, when we are weakened by the winter and show the highest demand for vitamins.

Tenderly tasting, young leaves of the variety offered here contain plenty of vitamins, particularly provitamin A and fibre that helps in indigestion and supports weight loss. Green leaf vegetables are also a great source of chlorophyll, potassium, magnesium and other minerals.

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