Onion-Tandem-Medium Early Variety-1000seeds


Onion “Tandem” (Allium cepa) is a medium early, storable variety that reaches crop maturity 130 – 135 days after the sow. It is very productive and keeps yielding crops even under adverse conditions in the development stage. “Tandem” produces medium large or large blubs that weigh 150 g on average. These rather firm onions are highly resistant to mechanical damage. They show long storage life and do not lose their high quality. Round bulbs are covered by yellow-brown, dry scale. These onions present high consumptional value and are eagerly consumed directly as they ripen.

Onion seeds germinate very slowly and therefore they should be sown as soon as possible. End of March and April is the right time for this activity and the optimal germination temperature is 18-20°C. You should choose sunny sites with high quality soils for onion cultivation. It is important that they are fertile and water-retaining, as this factor plays the major role due to the weak root system of those plants. You may start to harvest ripe onions end of August already.

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