sweet Pepper-Ingrid-Dark Brown Variety


Pepper “Ingrid” (Capsicum annuum) definitely belongs to the most original pepper cultivars. It produces dark brown, large, rectangular fruit with tender, sweet taste. A pepper that has reached crop maturity weighs circa 200 g, has three or four chambers and beautiful chocolate-brown colour. The variety offered here shows great productivity and is recommended for cultivation under unheated covers.

You should sow “Ingrid” pepper seeds to a hotbed, indoor greenhouse or a pot placed in a bright, warm spot at home in early spring. The rapidly growing seedlings need warmth, light and a fertile, highly permeable soil. You will harvest high quality crops of great structure and with high vitamin, particularly vitamin C content, from a quality soil. Large, originally coloured fruit may be eaten raw, used as garnish and in homemade preserves. “Ingrid” pepper yields crops medium early, in July and August.

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