Spring Onion-Bohemia-1700seeds


Spring onions are highly valued herb plants. They thrive in containers, on terraces and balconies, but can be sown directly into soil as well. The plants do not grow tall, neither need much space, so they fit into smaller gardens. It is recommened to introduce green spring onion leaves into your menu because of their nutritional value.

“Bohemia” is one of the most intriguing spring onion varieties. It grows quickly and rather early (can be harvested after ca. 110 days after sowing) and can be grown all year long. The seeds are sown in March-April and then later in October. The plants winter in the ground without any problems, they do not even need covering. Winter sowing is a great way to have a fresh serving of vitamins and nutrients in early spring, before most of the other vegetables are ready to be harvested. Bohemia stands out with spicy taste of its long, medium-thick leaves.

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