Sweet Pea Patio – Early Dwarf Mix – Approx 15 Seeds


Awww the sweet pea, one of our favourites, what’s not to like? This dwarf variety is ideal for window boxes and tubs. It produces  3/4 scented blooms per stem in a variety of wonderful colours which reach around 45cm in height.

Sow: Indoors, January to March, Outdoors, April to May.

Sowing Instructions: Indoors, Sow in trays around 0.75cm deep, water well and place in a greenhouse, coldframe or cool windowsill, keep moist. To encourage bushy growth, pinch out when two leaves form. Plant out in well drained soil, having let them accustomise a little first.

Outdoors, sow directly where they are to flower, whether that is in a seed bed or pot/tub etc. Sow around 0.75cm deep into well prepared well drained soil. Pick the blooms regularly to prolong the season.

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