Tarragon – Russian – Approx 100 Seeds


This variety of Tarragon grows up to 60cm (2ft) tall and it’s leaves which have a particularly sweet anise taste are often used with fish (fish soup in particular) and in a variety of sauces, pickles and vinegars.

Sow: Indoors, February to April, Outdoors, April to June

Sowing Instructions: Sow indoors into moist compost around 15mm deep (so just a light covering). An unheated greenhouse is ideal as a temperature of 5c to 10c is fine and germination will take around 10 days. Plant outside when the last chance of frost has gone and space around 15/20cm apart, a sunny position is best. 

Outdoors, sow thinly around 15mm deep (light covering) in moist well-drained soil. Separate when large enough to handle, and transplant into any pot/tray etc as required, a sunny position is best. 

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