Tea Afternoon Herb mix


‘Tea Afternoon Herb Mix’ is a collection of some of the most popular herb varieties, including mint, lemon balm, salvia, and hysope. The plants are used to make tea infusions with valuable relaxing properties. The herbs can also be used as a delicious seasoning for soups, sauces, or other dishes. ‘Tea Afternoon Herb Mix’ is recommended to be grown in gardens, flower containers, large pots, or on terraces or balconies.

Growing: sow the seeds directly into the soil in May; it is best to scatter the seeds a little and as they grow; thin or plant them out so as to let them grow in 30x30cm spacings. Since the varieties are perennial, choose a position where they can grow continuously over several years. The plants require relatively moist fertile soils in sunny or semi-shaded positions.

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