Tomato-Balinicz -Field-Determinate


Tomato “Babinicz” (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a field, determinate, dwarf variety that bears fruit early. It shows moderate growth strength and compact habit. It does not require topping nor staking. The “Babinicz” variety yields rich harvest very early, as the fruit ripen end of July / beginning of August. The variety offered here is valued for its large and visually attractive fruit. These tomatoes weigh 140 – 150 g and are almost ideally round, slightly flattened and rippled. They develop no, or almost invisible green shoulders The firm flesh is juicy and intensely red-coloured. This variety is intended mostly for direct consumption, but is also fitted for preserves, juices and purees among others.

“Babinicz” tomato is suited for field cultivation and belongs to few varieties that may be grown from direct sow to the ground. Seeds are sown end of April / beginning of May, while seedlings may be produced on a hotbed or indoors from mid-March until beginning of April. Hardened seedlings are transplanted to the permanent site in the second half of May, when the risk of spring frosts has passed. You should choose sunny and wind-sheltered sites for tomato cultivation. This vegetable does not require much in regard to the soil, provided it is rich in nutrients.

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