Vegetable Seed Collection


Product information

    • in Sunny areas
    • Harvest period Tomato Alka: July-September, Carrot Nantes 2: June-October, Spring Onion: May-September, Courgette Black Beauty: July-September, Beetroot Detroit: July-October, Kale Halbhoher Gruner Krauser: October-April, Radish Saxa 2: May-October, Dwarf French Bean Kinghorn Wax: July-October, Lettuce May King: June-September, Sweet Pepper California Wonder: August-September

Features and benefits

  • Comes with Tomato Alka, Carrot Nantes 2, Onion Medium Leaf, Courgette Black Beauty, Beetroot Detroit 2, Kale Halbhoher Gruner Krauser, Radish Saxa 2, Dwarf Bean Kinghorn Wax, Lettuce May King, Sweet Pepper California Wonder

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